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agemni mobile appLa description de AGEMIThe AGEMI app has been developed as part of the AGEMI project which is an EU-funded project which aims to Advance Gender Equality in Media Industries. The app is a tool which can be used by anyone to Assess, Challenge and Transform the news media by promoting gender diversity. It has three elements: the 'assess' function comprises a series of questions which the user can ask of a news item in terms of its gender awareness/diversity/inclusion, after which the news item attracts a score. The user can then decide to write an email of complaint or congratulation to the editor of the news outlet, using a template which we have designed. Or the user may decide to write a 'letter to the editor' if the news outlet publishes such letters, again using a template we have designed. This is the 'challenge' aspect of the app. Lastly, the user can support the 'transformation' of news media by sending the AGEMI team a link to their own gender-aware journalism, which we will then upload to the AGEMI web platform under the ChanGE section. For further information about the AGEMI project, please visit our website:

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AGEMI 0.0.1 Téléchargement APK pour Android. Outil pour évaluer, mettre au défi et transformer les médias afin de promouvoir la diversité des genres

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